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Picket fences have been used in the United States since our early colonial era, and they remain hugely popular today. A staple of American culture, the decorative fences help to keep pets and children in your yard without blocking the view. Perhaps one of the most classically attractive builds of fences anywhere, picket fences are the number one choice of homeowners in Long Island, and their popularity does not seem to be fading.

Natural Beauty Fence and Railing has been working with picket fences since our business was started in 1947, so we have the most expertise out of anyone in the Long Island or New York City area. We're completely licensed and insured, have the most professional experience, and are professionally trained. All of our contractors will work with you to make any decisions, and discuss the options with you in plain English. Our quotes will always be honest and accurate. Whether you're looking for a simple picket fence to go out front of your home or you'd like to encapsulate a large yard, our Long Island fencing specialists can make sure the job is done, done well, and enhancing your home's appearance.

While picket fences are traditionally made of wood, some homeowners dislike the amount of maintenance this requires. Wood will need to be repainted frequently, can be easily damaged by weather and the elements, and can succumb to the threat of termites. For some of our customers, this is all just a part of the pleasure of having wooden fences, but others, understandably, look for an alternative. Our Long Island fencing experts can also construct picket fences from PVC. PVC keeps up with the aesthetic appeal of wooden picket fences, but it won't need to be replaced due to weathering or rotting, and you'll never need to repaint it.

But wooden picket fences are classic, and along with high-maintenance, they bring a long line of tradition and hominess. To some, there's no replacement for true, wooden picket fences, and for those people, we have our Long Island fencing specialists, who will work with you to make sure you get a fence you love for your yard, garden, or home.

We can help you install any style of picket fence, and do so skillfully and professionally. We can also repair any picket fence with our staff of Long Island professionals. If your fence is showing damage from weather, missing any panels, or has termites, we can make sure those problems are solved. For any of your needs with gates and fences, our professionals are here to help.

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