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vinyl-fences-long-islandVinyl fences are made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resins which are derived from recycled plastics. PVC is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer with polyethylene and polypropylene ranking first and second. The substance was discovered in 1872 by German chemist Eugen Baumann when he accidentally synthesized it after leaving a flask of vinyl chloride exposed to sunlight.

Since then PVC has been used in a wide number of products including vinyl fencing materials. Today, we can manufacture vinyl fence materials to closely mimic the appearance of wood. But the material lasts decades longer and is easy to clean making it a very popular product for fence building.

Vinyl fence panels of Long Island can come in a variety of sizes, widths, and styles, giving many options to choose from when planning a fence installation. From picket fences to eight foot privacy fences with finials or post caps to horizontal weave fences, the architecture of your home can be matched. Just about anything you can do with a wooden fence can be done with a vinyl fence.

You’ll never have to worry about having to paint a vinyl fence, which makes them really popular. They are very durable as well and won’t be affected by moisture or water issues. You’ll never have to treat or seal the material.

The color options are many and the color is very durable because it’s manufactured into the material instead of layered on. Severe weather conditions such as harsh sunlight can cause fading, distortion or weakening of the material, but this takes much longer for damage to occur than it wood on organic materials like wood.

This durable fencing material can come in varieties that are reinforced by other materials. Some have hollow panels while other can have metal reinforced panels that make them sturdier. They are extremely suitable for ranches as well since they can hold up to secure large animals like cattle or horses.

They are easier to install than wooden fences because they are lighter weight and come in whole railings making it easy to attach to poles. The fence will go up quickly and the homeowner won’t end up waiting. So that can help with labor costs which can effectively make up a portion of the difference in cost between wood and vinyl choices.

Unfortunately, in most areas of the country an untreated wooden fence will last anywhere from five to ten years depending on installation and weather conditions and patterns. Whereas vinyl fencing can last decades.

As you can see, vinyl fences make a great addition to your home improvement project list. Not only will you be adding some good privacy and security for your property, you’ll be getting a great looking fence that you won’t have to worry about replacing in a very long time.

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