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Fences are a great tool to use at your home to keep strange people and animals out of your yard, or for keeping the family pet safe at home. Sometimes deciding on what kind of Long Island fencing you need can be difficult, but the following two most popular types are broken down below for you.
Chain link fence– This kind of fencing is made of metal and is either coated in colored plastic or just has a straight metal finish. It is one of the least-expensive types of fencing and comes in different gauges, or thickness of the wire. These kinds of fences, while not that pretty from the get-go, have the added bonus of being an excellent improvisational trellis for climbing vines like morning glory or wisteria. As long as the bush or vine does not get too heavy (meaning you will need to keep it pruned and in check), you will have a beautiful covering for the cold metal.
Wooden fencing comes in the following four styles:
1. Privacy fencing is made by overlapping boards or placing them close enough that there are no gaps in the fence. This can be particularly useful in more urban settings where it is more likely that people will be around your property. For privacy in your Long Island yard, this style of fence is the way to go.
2. Semi-privacy fencing usually includes a small gap between the board in the fence to allow a peek through, but will still keep people and animals from crossing. With this kind of fencing, wind will still be able to get through, but not living creatures.
3. Split-rail fencing is seen predominately in the countryside to corral larger animals like horses or cows. It is made by evenly spacing vertical posts with several horizontal logs or boards running between. While it may not keep out dogs or people, it can certainly be used for the aesthetic appeal.
4. Picket fencing is one of the more popular styles of residential fencing. It is built similar to semi-privacy fencing, but is usually shorter and tapered or pointed on the vertical boards. A white picket fence is the stereotypical suburban, all-American look that is popular from coast to coast.
Aside from these two most popular styles of fencing, there is also stone, concrete and iron fencing in a variety of styles to choose from. Contact your Long Island fencing company to see which styles they have to offer and what would work best for your property and needs.

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