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If your Long Island property needs fencing and you have children or pets, we have some great tips for you. As Long Island fence contractors, we make it a point to help our customers get just what they need. We’ve installed a lot of fences in Long Island over the years, many for homes with pets and children.

Any good Long Island fence contractor will tell you that there is more to a fence than aesthetics and to designate a property line. A good fence serves multiple purposes while enhancing the landscape design. Even if you are a homeowner that doesn’t have pets or children, they may very likely visit your home at some point in time. Fence installation should be designed to include their needs as well.

Fencing Designed For Pets

Our Long Island fence contractors install many chainlink fences. Chainlink fencing is a very popular choice for homes with pets because it’s an economical choice that keeps the pets in. Pets will need some area of the landscape to call their own, even if visiting, but it’s important that they can’t get out to run around the neighborhood.

Outdoor only pets should have a large enough area to live and be comfortable. The bigger the pet, the more room they need to run around for exercise. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a large dog cramped in a tiny fenced area with no place to go potty but where he or she sleeps.

Pets need shade. Having a nice shaded area is important because you don’t want to see them stuck in the hot sun all day or be drenched when it rains. You’ll want to consider having a water outlet nearby as well within the fenced area so it makes providing water easier.

Indoor-outdoor pets could use a place that’s fenced off so you can put them up if you ever need to. You may want to confine pets if you have guests over or need maintenance for your home. Thinking of these things in advance while you’re in the fence design stage will ensure you are prepared for pets from the start.

All pets need to have a nice grassy area. This will let them have a place to play and to do their business. You may want to include a little fencing either to keep them safe in their own area or to prevent them from accessing other areas of the property.

When designing fenced areas where your indoor/outdoor pets will be allowed to hang out when outdoors, be sure that they are able to also hang out with the family if they want yet still be prevented from accessing pool areas or dangerous areas of the landscape.

Fence Designs For Children

Whether you currently have children or you ever have a child visiting your home, it’s important to keep them from accessing areas of the landscape that may be dangerous for them. Plus, you’ll want to have an area where they can play or entertain themselves without you having to keep a constant eye on their every move.

Small children should not have access to swimming pool or waterfront areas. A swimming pool can be dangerous for any child who doesn’t know how to swim. Waterfront properties could also use some fencing that can be kept shut and locked.

Obviously, and drop offs, holes, or other dangerous areas of the landscape should be taken care of with the fencing design. Children have a way of finding these areas and getting into trouble.

According to the CDC, drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury, death in the United States, with one in five being children age 14 and younger. Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates over all.*

One of the most common fences are the wooden privacy fences. Privacy fences are usually built around the backyard. A good wooden fence will go a long way to protect children from criminals. You want to be able to know that your kids are safe in your own back yard. A chain link fence for the back yard isn’t enough to keep the kids in and the criminals out.

Including fences to protect pets and children while they are on your property means you can relax and enjoy having them around. Your pets will enjoy your home within limitations. And you won’t be worrying about accidents or how to keep them from dangerous situations.

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